February 17, 2006

Spread of English language a threat to Britain’s international position

Posted in English, Linguistics, Sociology at 12:15 pm by Bram Janssen

The world-wide use of the English language has long been an advantage for British and other native English speaking countries. However, with more people becoming fluent in English as a second language this power is gradually waning. It would not be so bad if only more native English speakers were fluent in more than only their mother tongue.

“In China, 60 per cent of primary school children learn English and more people in India and China speak the language fluently than anywhere else in the world, the report added.

The newspaper reported that Digby Jones, director of the Confederation of British Industry, had repeatedly called for more students to study foreign languages to improve competitiveness.

The British Council said the report was a “call to action for the UK”. “

(Link– The Times Of India)