March 14, 2006

Google Maps Opening Up New Territories

Posted in Astronomy, Other Worlds, World Wide Web at 1:57 pm by Bram Janssen

Was it only five or six years ago that I was browsing online shops for books with comprehensive maps of celestial bodies other than our own blue sphere- only to find a scarce amount of books with big pricetags attached to it?

Today, thanks to the wonderful Google, we have a very detailed map of our moon, which we can zoom into or out of at will, for the price of an internet connection and with features no printed page can offer. Needless to say, I love it.

Google Moon Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Landing site on Google Moon

Now, to make the whole situation even more wonderful, Google has unleashed Google Mars, using data provided by the Arizona State University’s Mars Space Flight Facility.

It is a breathtaking site.

Google Mars Cydonia

The famous Cydonia region, home of the Face On Mars.

Viking I landing site Google Mars

Viking I landing site.

Google proves you can get lost in a map.