November 11, 2010

Beetles shaped as a bee

Posted in creationism, Curioso, darwinism, evolution, intelligent design, Zoology at 10:07 am by Bram Janssen

This is a bunch of beetle larva trying to look like a bee. Why? Because they want to attract a real bee, hitch a ride to the hyve so they can gorge themselves on all the riches that are present there.

Don’t believe me?

check for yourself: Parasite of the Day: November 9 – Meloe franciscanus.


The state of American education

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Revealed: The student howlers that show our dumbed down exams are still too much for some pupils | Mail Online.

OK, I realize that many of these are simply smart-ass answers, but still… The state of American education is actually in dire straits. (case in point: click)

There’s a cool documentairy coming up about this issue, “Waiting For Superman.”(From the director of: “An Inconvenient Truth.”)

Check their website