June 24, 2007

Conspiracy theories and what they are to me

Posted in conspiracy theory, Curioso at 5:17 pm by Bram Janssen

Let’s face it: conspiracy theories are incredibly entertaining. They make the appealing promise to completely throw your life upside down. Do you feel unsatisfied with your job, family or society as a whole? Well, then let us blame someone else for it!

To me, that’s what conspiracy theories are: escapism. Escape from common sense, and escape from the responsibility for making your own life work well. I could never take them seriously. Whether we’re talking about UFO’s, government-planned terrorist attacks, or – the latest big thing – chemtrails, the main motive behind their popularity seems to be wishful thinking. Not wishing sectas thrust anal probes into hapless abductees. Not wishing the United States government sent thousands of people into a fiery and violent end. Not wishing for global chemical brainwashing. But wishing that, geez, there’s something more in this life than suburbia, eternal boredom and science.

That said: they entertain me immensely. Sometimes they make me sad (9/11 conspiracies), sometimes they make me shake my head with disbelief (chemtrails) and sometimes they give me belly laughs (people mistaking the moon for a flying craft). And so I keep track of them.

Everyone’s entitled to a couple of guilty pleasures, right?


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